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1. Why am I being cited for not having a permit, I purchased the property like this?
2. Why did I get cited when other properties have the same or worse violations?
3. Why am I being cited for all of these violations? This isn't what my property looks like.
4. Can you recommend a company to cut my grass?
5. I have a business tax receipt for St. Lucie County, do I need one for the City of Fort Pierce too?
6. Where can I find out more information about approved fertilizers?
7. Are there water restrictions currently in place?
8. I just found out there is a lien on my property, what should I do?
9. I just found out I obtained a property with a lien on it, what should I do?
10. I just purchased property and found out that it is scheduled for a hearing, what should I do?
11. Are vendors allowed within Fort Pierce?
12. How can I reach Code Enforcement?
13. I just received a violation letter from Code Enforcement, what should I do?