FPRA Incentive Program

FPRA Paint Program 

The intent of FPRA Paint Program is to support the revitalization of the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency (FPRA) district and assisting property owners to restore and improve the appearance of their commercial and residential properties. 

  • The FPRA Paint Program provides financial assistance through a reimbursable grant of up to $1,000 per home or business. This grant can be used towards the cost of exterior paint and paint supplies, with a maximum limit of $100 for paint supplies.  (The paint supplies covered by the grant include items such as brushes, rollers, trays, and paint tape but does not include the cost of renting or purchasing painting equipment.)
  • The property must be located on within the FPRA District. 

How to Apply

  1. Ensure that your property is located within the FPRA District by clicking on this map or calling (772) 467-3786.
  2. Review the eligibility requirements in the program overview.
  3. Submit the online application. 
  4. A staff member will contact you within five (5) business days of receiving your application to determine your eligibility.