Our Organization

The Fort Pierce Police Department operates under the leadership of Chief Diane Hobley-Burney, who is responsible for its overall direction. The philosophy of the department is to use a community partnership approach to make the City of Fort Pierce a safer, better place to live and work. The department is committed to protecting the community and pledges to exhibit that commitment fairly, impartially, and professionally, within the laws of the State of Florida and the City of Fort Pierce.

The police department is organized into two Divisions and three Bureaus. There are 126 sworn officers and 36 non-sworn civilian personnel.

Fort Pierce police car outside headquarters

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our citizens while working in a cooperative effort with all residents to resolve problems. Therefore, we are devoted to practicing the concepts of Community Oriented Policing (COP), proactive law enforcement, and crime-prevention.

We are committed to respecting human dignity and to a strong ethical code as custodians of law and order. The members of this organization are commanded to exercise the highest degree of public service in their daily contact with our citizens.

Fort Pierce police officers will endeavor:

  • To maintain a partnership with the citizens of Fort Pierce in a common cause of superior service and protection to our community.
  • To be vigilant and courageous in our pursuit of justice.
  • To preserve, defend the constitution, and enforce the law with compassion, resolve, and strength of character.
  • To respect human dignity and maintain the public trust with truth and honesty. To serve with Honor and commitment and to mirror that nobility in our personal lives.