City Manager's Office

Pandemic Report, City of Fort Pierce - This Pandemic Response Impact Report highlights the ways in which the City of Fort Pierce served its citizens since the pandemic was declared. For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit: City of Fort Pierce COVID-19 Information

Department Mission

To deliver governmental services to the citizens of Fort Pierce in an efficient and professional manner, to remain cognizant of the City’s regional context and proactively plan and maintain productive regional relationships, and ensure that Fort Pierce distinctive character and culture is preserved.

Department Description

The City Manager is the chief executive and administrative head of the municipal government and is responsible to the Commission for the proper administration of all affairs of the City of Fort Pierce. He exercises general supervision and control over all city departments, except the offices of the City Clerk, City Attorney and the City’s Independent Auditor. The City Manager’s office is staffed by the Executive Assistant to the City Manager, the Communications and Economic Development Manager, the Marketing Specialist, Risk Manager, Risk Management Specialist and an Administrative Assistant.

Reports & Publications