Building Department

Main Objectives

The main objectives of the Building Department are to protect the safety, health, and general welfare of the public through structural strength, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation. We also strive to protect the safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the building environment including alteration, repair, removal, demolition, use and occupancy of buildings, structures, or premises.

The Building Department receives building permit applications for all structures ranging from office buildings to homes to fences and reviews the construction plans to assure that they meet the requirements of the Florida Building Codes, other ordinances in effect including contractor licensing, floodplain management, and maintains all pertinent records.  Field inspections of buildings are conducted to make sure they are being constructed in accordance with approved plans and all applicable codes.

Structure under Construction
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The Building Department provides many services to the public, builders and contractors.  It is the department's goal  to preserve our neighborhoods and property values by maintaining high standards of competence and service.  Staff is available to assist and guide homeowners and contractors through the permitting and inspection processes for all new construction, remodeling and additions to existing structures.

The Building Department is responsible for reviewing permit applications to ensure all necessary documents are included.  The Building Department reviews each project, ascertaining that all inspections have been completed and all required documentation is on file before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Staff will gladly assist and answer any of your questions.  

We want your projects big or small to be a pleasant experience.


Why are building permits required by the city?

IT IS THE LAW. Building permits are required by City Ordinance and Florida State Statute.

Building Codes are designed to ensure safe building techniques, help protect your family from safety risks, fire hazards caused by electrical and heating systems, electrical shock, provide records that all construction was done according to building codes, purchasing or selling your property and recourse from unlicensed contractors.

Work that REQUIRES a permit:

Fences, stucco, roofing, fire rated partitions (party walls), garage doors, exterior doors (whole assembly or just door slab) & windows , sheds, shutters, soffit & fascia, water heaters (new & replacement), exterior & interior demolition , any & all new construction, electrical/mechanical/gas/plumbing, air conditioning (new  & replacement), exterior & interior walls, paving or resurfacing, sealing of parking lots, signs (banners, face changes, monument & wall signs- painted or attached), temporary trailers (construction & sales), tents (40' or larger), canopies/awnings, driveways (new & replacement), drywall replacement, screen/glass rooms, pool enclosures.

Work that DOES NOT require a permit:

Painting (excluding signs), windowpane replacement, residential gutter systems, carpet and tile installation

NOTE: If hiring someone, you are required to hire a properly licensed contractor. Ask for a copy of their license